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Every Design Can Be An Object Of Affection

When I design, it's not just about creating things, rather I consider it essential to seek out materials, symbolism and messages that will entice you to become closer to your humanity. For my design goal is to have each item capable of serving as an object of affection in your life; something you value so much that it becomes synonymous with who you are as a human being and talented individual. From this perspective the item transforms into your very own personal symbol, whether it be a bracelet, a pillow or a TRULYHUMANmedallion.

As a valued object of affection, I hope that you will return to it each and every day to engage in Mindful Meditation for de-stressing, and The Daily Practice to keep in touch with what is important to do each day. You can even go deeper in your meditations using the technique of self-directed visioning, to create the vision of your future best self.

Once your object of affection becomes representative of who you are and all that you believe, I sincerely hope you will want to make it a part of your lasting legacy, so that it is shared with those who follow.

-- Barbara

Invest In Yourself At Our Learning Center

The attachment we experience for an object of affection can be deepened by knowing how the product came into being, as well as the significance of the materials used. So, in addition to the story cards that come with each item, this Learning Center is dedicated to providing you with more of this all-important information so that you can think more deeply about all the objects of affection offered in our store.


The materials that Barbara uses are by no means accidental. Each has a specific STORY that you will want to read in order to understand the evolution of products offered. These stories are very personal and come from Barbara's life experience.

Choose from:
- How TRULYHUMANmedallions were Created
- Jewelry as a Symbol of Your Authentic Humanity
- Women Divers, Pearls and Compassion
- The Chinese Princess who Discovered Silk
- Tassels are so Much More than Fluff
- Obi and the Elegance of Japan's Princess


Behind each product is cultural history, science and geology, or design specifics that can bring you to a much deeper understanding of the richness, and importance of Barbara's designs. These distinctive characteristics add value and create new ways in which you can relate to objects of affection.

Choose from:
- Why the Chinese Dragon can Bring You Success
- Gemstones and the Miracle of Geodes
- The Culturing of Pearls
- Designing with TRULYHUMANmedallions
- Types of Obi Sashes
- The Natural Luxury of Silk

"Come Out of The Circle of Time Into The Circle of Love."

-- Rumi

The Tools Of Change


You can learn to bring about a state of mind in which your body will take care of itself by facilitating healing and renewal. Some methods for this process focus on the breath, while we propose using your object of affection to move your mind away from the day's activities to enjoy the benefits of de-stressing.


The Chinese dragon can be your ally as you go through the change-based process for making a goal become your reality. A replica Feng Shui coin with the dragon's image will be your object of affection as you apply Barbara's Five Steps to Success to make steady, measured progress toward personal goal achievement.


Barbara is the architect for this way of life philosophy based on Eight Principles of Truly Human Growth. Using sea shells as objects of affection, she demonstrates how self-directed visioning can be used to create future vision. Captured in a book, Truly Human makes a powerful case for why you need to reduce risk and compound your success by bringing conceptual thinking into your life.

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