Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
To know that we know."
"Not only to know but,
Margaret Mead
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people
can change the world
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
About our company
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UMANO is the Italian word for human, humane and compassionate, and this is our inspiration for the vision we hold of our future world.

We participate in this vision by creating heirloom quality designs that affirm authentic humanity and communicate legacy to future generations.

Combined with learning messages and tools that heighten awareness and mindful living, these designs will bring consumers closer to their own humanity and goals within a framework that fosters positive human values for all those that follow.


Science inspires our pursuit of humanity:

Our species, by virtue of being human, is distinguished by unique abilities and capabilities for living in a state of heightened awareness, or knowing that we know.

Science pushes this truth forward and inspires our understanding of ourselves, within the context of society, our environment and the whole of the universe.

New scientific discoveries need to be continually incorporated into our personal emotional intelligence and understanding of humanity.

More specifically, current scientific research findings in the fields of neurobiology, psychology and integrative medicine are demonstrating that practices related to awareness, mindfulness and self-directed visualization can lead to greater compassion, and in turn, to greater life satisfaction, realization and happiness.

Nature is one of the very best means available for refocusing our attention away from the many distractions of daily life, towards the work of personal awareness and the bringing of individual gifts to potential.

The current challenge:

The Boomer Generation encompasses the most experienced, educated and cultured members of society, who now face the enormous challenge of developing a legacy of ideas, values and techniques that will ensure the success of future generations.

The process for legacy sharing begins within each family but needs to extend beyond the family to friends, businesses, organizations, and society as a whole so that the Boomer Generation leaves this world with a greater passion for humanity and mindful living.

This legacy is not an easy issue to address given its intangible, and seemingly fleeting nature.

We believe that we can play a role in facilitating this much-needed legacy if we associate our humanity with quality, tangible products that are centered on:

Exquisite materials drawn from nature, as means for inspiring our personal inner beauty, peace and spirituality.

The positive symbols of Eastern and Western civilizations that can amplify nature's effect on values sharing for today and tomorrow.

Handcrafted techniques as being reflective of uniquely human capability, especially the heightened consciousness that we can seek to attain.

Learning messages and living techniques that will bridge the gaps between symbols, and materials, to enlighten personal decision-making and self-direction.

Specific products are needed to:

Humanize our living environments by bringing nature and symbolism into our homes and workplaces so their value increases as places of sanctuary in which we accomplish relaxation, renewal and reflection aimed toward the pursuit of awareness.

Facilitate personal decoration with nature's gemstones and natural textiles, so we can stay in better touch with our personal energies, human heritage and life goals as we go about our daily activities.

The result:

By placing our carefully designed tangible goods into the hands of those who seek to live with heightened humanity; compassionate values will be better fostered today as well as embraced by successive generations.

Company History

UMANO was founded by Barbara Bacigalupi in San Francisco during the summer of 1997. In the ensuing years UMANO has been able to publish Barbara’s first book, Truly Human, and accompanying music, as well as evolve an array of products that adhere to and live out the company’s philosophy.

The hallmark product line, TRULYHUMANmedallions, has been sold for over a decade, and are treasured by consumers across the US for the human values they speak to, their inherent beauty, and the quality of human handwork that these beads bring into their lives.

The company is distinguished for being accepted on first application to trade shows: JCK Show - our country’s largest fine jewelry show in Las Vegas, the Architectural Digest Home Show in New York City and the international gift shows in New York, San Francisco, Dallas, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

In 2007, UMANO moved to the serene Napa Valley wine country so that more emphasis could be placed on diversifying designs and shifting to a direct consumer marketing strategy. Plans called for expansion of the TRULYHUMANmedallion line and the creation of several new ones. These now include a celebration of silk as the tangible connection between East and West. To further the concept of legacy, vintage Japanese Obi (kimono sashes), representing some of the finest heirloom tapestries ever woven, are reimagined as both home decor and fashion accessories. Barbara’s wearable jewelry designs, which were previously restricted to showings during her personal appearances, have been shared for the first time directly with consumers in the website store.
The launch of marked the company’s re-entrance into the active marketplace which has now radically transformed in terms of the way consumers access learning and products. We believe that through the Internet we can find so many more of those who want to enjoy the benefits of our products and learning messages. We hope that we will always be a source of inspiration for them as they have always been for us. We thank all those who have brought to this point and celebrate our new phase of growth in their honor.
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