About our designer Barbara Bacigalupi
Living at the Gateway to the East
Image of Golden Gate Bridge
UC Berkeley Camponile
”Living in view of the Golden Gate had profound affect on my approach to design. This bridge came to symbolize for me the rich interface between East and West that characterizes the SF Bay Area. For it is in such interfaces that we can find unlimited opportunities for creative design.”
- Barbara
Japanese Mountain Scene

Barbara is a third generation descendent of Italians who immigrated to the Sonoma wine country and San Francisco in the late 1800's. Growing up and living most of her life in the greater Berkeley region of the East Bay, her personal design sensibilities were formed on the richness of the East-West blend that characterized her surroundings. It was during her years at UC Berkeley that she became keenly aware of the impact that multi-cultural living had on her. Majoring in biological science, she balanced her laboratory studies with large doses of art history. Studying in the department made famous by Professor Emeritus James Cahill, Barbara’s artistic sensibilities were formed on the comprehensive approach to Asian art he had built.

After examining the Western European art genres, Barbara began Asian art studies, finding the encounter transformative. “I will always remember the first time I was introduced to Chinese brush stroke painting. Suddenly art took on a new depth of meaning that offered me a vision of life in which I could better flourish as a human being,” recalls Barbara.

It was their conceptual portrayal of nature that provoked Barbara’s reaction. To be more specific, these landscape paintings often presented a foreground, middle ground and background with foggy mist swirling in between.

“It was in this depiction of nature that I found the greatest peace and relaxation, and at the same time powerful inspiration for energetic conceptual thinking,” continues Barbara. “The foggy mist facilitated my humanity, because the artist had left spaces that I could ‘fill-in’ with my own imagination. While absorbing this art I felt as though I was a co-creator with the artist, respected by the artist for what I could contribute to enrich the portrayal. My ultimate reaction was one of great humility when faced with the enormity of all of creation, as well as one of great respect and dignity knowing that I was an essential participant in fostering the destiny of our world and everything in it,” concludes Barbara.

Design Philosophy
Image of Barbara Bacigalupi
Good design humanizes us...
by provoking us to become ever closer to our humanity. It inspires us to seek out our full potential as unique individuals, calms us when we need to renew, and stimulates our minds to ask “Why?” and “What if?”. Design, then, is most authentic when it facilitates us to grow as human beings. READ HOW TRULYHUMANmedallions WERE CREATED.
This design philosophy flows from Barbara’s. . .

Italian genetics which respond naturally to full, voluptuous forms and the jewel-tone colors of the wine country in which she now resides.

Exposure to the aesthetics and symbolism of the East that comes from experiencing the richness between two cultures.

Scientific education which places her in awe of nature and all living things, as well as deeply respectful of the mathematical and proportional foundations upon which our universe is built.
Professional Consulting Credentials
Barbara is an experienced public speaker and leader for executive planning retreats and conferences.
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Truly Human

As one of the first business consulting firms to specialize in the exciting area of planning and marketing professional services, she came to serve all the major professions which constitute American society - law, accounting, health care, environmental consulting, education, and ministry. Using the scientific method, she built research tools and processes to assist professionals envision how to bring greater value to the people they serve, all within a context of humanistic values and factually-based solutions.
Truly Human
Barbara’s first book invites readers to think in new and powerful ways by drawing a metaphor between human growth and the successful architecture of seashells. This book is a case statement for the conceptual thinking that enables us to build a personal vision for the future. The technique for this kind of thought process is demonstrated in the formation of Eight Principles of Truly Human Growth. Learn more about Truly Human.
A Phi Beta Kappa graduate from the University of California, Berkeley, Barbara Bacigalupi placed first in the department of microbiology and immunology. While a student at Cal she was the University’s lecturer for the general public on issues of health and science at the famed Lawrence Hall of Science. Her graduate studies at Berkeley produced published research in the field of penicillin resistance, earning her a Master’s degree in Medical Microbiology. Despite being awarded one of only 200 National Science Foundation Grants for her doctoral studies, she chose to move away from laboratory research to apply the scientific method to businesses and organizations through consulting.
Community Service
Ms. Bacigalupi’s track record encompasses decades of service to key non-profits, including service as a foundation trustee for a major medical center, vice-president for a humane society, president of an American Heart Association chapter, and director for the oldest women’s honor and service society at the University of California, Berkeley. She further supports health and human services organizations through in-kind giving and sponsors benefits organizations including ParentsCAN – a Napa-based advocacy group for the parents of children with physical and learning disabilities.