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We want your shopping experience to be as enjoyable and trouble free as possible. The following information is provided so that you can be well informed of all our sales practices and policies, well in advance of making a purchase.

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Please note: is owned by UMANO Inc, and all transactions occur between you and UMANO Inc.

I. Our Customer Service Guarantee
We sincerely want you to enjoy the beauty and quality of our products. Part of the joy and pride we take stems from the unique charm and natural variation of gemstones, and old and vintage fabrics, as well as the techniques of individual artisans who craft our items. In a way, virtually every item is a one of a kind treasure as no two stones, no two pieces of aged fabric are ever exactly alike. It is this distinctiveness that is our hallmark, as is the expert work of those who string or sew each item for your pleasure and enjoyment.

As a result there are variations in most of our products due to the variation inherent in natural stone coloration, the interpretation of carving subjects by artisans, and the prior use of old and vintage fabrics. We consider these to be part of the charm of our products, and are not considered product flaws. Please refer to the GEMSTONES, NATURAL MINERAL, and TYPES OF OBI pages of this site for more detailed information.

Suggestions on how we can improve are always welcome. Email us with comments, questions, or ideas at

While we make all reasonable attempts to provide error-free product detail information - errors, omissions, misspellings and misstatements still occur sometimes.

Stated product dimensions are only approximate and there are differences caused by component variations in each individual product presented. The color in photos cannot be taken as an accurate rendering of the specific color of the item(s) you will receive. Please avoid making exact matches to colors you have in your home.

Substitutions for specific product components are sometimes necessitated by the limited availability and/or escalating prices of the parts we use, especially natural minerals and precious metals. Consequently there will sometimes be variations in the sizes of loop beads, carvings and accent beads used.

For specific details on the care and protection of gemstones and their colors, please refer to UMANO’s CARE OF PRODUCT and NATURAL MINERAL pages.

Quite old and vintage fabrics should be considered as having been worn previously, unless specifically stated otherwise. Areas of acceptable discoloration, snags, and permanent creases and wrinkles are all considered to be part of the intrinsic value of the fabric and are not considered flaws.

New silk fabrics, because they are woven from natural fibers, will show slubs and/or variations in how dye is absorbed. All new fabrics are subject to dye lot variations. If you purchase an item we cannot guarantee that another item listed with the same color fabric will be an exact match. We can not be responsible for any fading that occurs to fabrics after they are purchased. Please refer to our CARE OF PRODUCT for more specific details.

Tassels also vary in size and availability and so we may substitute a similar color and/or different style tassel as needed to complete a product design.

The current price for each item is listed on the product detail page. All prices are subject to change without prior notice

We endeavor to keep a back stock of our most popular items on hand. But as we present a wide variety of styles and color ways, many items are made once they have been ordered. We reserve the right to make changes to our items at any time, as well as discontinue any item without advance notice.

All limited edition and one of a kind items presented on our website are subject to prior sale.

Upon placing your order, you will receive an order confirmation via E-mail only. You are encouraged to review this order carefully to ensure that it is as you intended it. Please contact us immediately, if the order contains errors. Please understand that once an order has been fulfilled we cannot stop its shipment and you will be responsible for original and return shipping fees.

Any special packaging, such as a signature velvet pouch, is listed on the item’s detail page. Currently, we do not offer gift wrapping services. As a general rule we wish to contain the overall amount of packaging material used out of respect for the environment, as well as to control the overall cost of product. Recycled newsprint is used for wrapping when possible. We ask the you reuse or recycle all of our wrapping and packaging materials.

All purchases made in the State of California will have the appropriate amount of sales tax added according to the County to which the product will be shipped.

We want to do all possible to process your order and ship it as promptly as possible. The product detail page lists in the right hand column the approximate number of business days that we expect shipping a particular item to take . However, as much of our product is made as it is ordered, there are times when order fulfillment may take longer. For custom, and special orders please allow up to 6 weeks for project completion, prior to shipping. If you need an item by a specific date, please indicate this in the COMMENT section of the order.

While we endeavor to ship as much product as possible on multiple item orders, we cannot accommodate “ship only when complete” requests. Items that are not readily available will be automatically placed on backorder and sent to you as soon as the item becomes available. Your invoice will clearly indicate which items are temporary unavailable. Items ordered together may also not necessarily be shipped together due to different manufacturing locations in Northern California.

At the present we offer both ground/standard service for domestic and international orders which may take up to 10 days for arrival, depending upon where the shipping address is located. Overnight Express is available for domestic orders only. You will have the choice to upgrade to Overnight for an additional $17 over the Standard Shipping Rate.

Flat rate domestic shipping charge is now $10 per order, regardless of the total order amount. Offer subject to change without notice, in which case the rates below will be charged.

In general the following shipping fees apply according to the purchase price of your order.

Merchandise Total
Standard Shipping

Overnight Shipping

Standard Shipping

Total Shipping Costs are calculated at checkout.

To check on backorder items, please log into and click on the MY ACCOUNT link. Go to the specific order involved and any backorder items will be listed as pending. Once there, you may delete any items pending on backorder prior to their shipment.

UMANO accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card. You may also elect to make payment by PayPal. Please note that UMANO, and not will appear on your credit card or PayPal statement.

RETURNABLE ITEMS On the product detail page in the website store, and on your invoice, each item is marked for return eligibility. If returnable, the number of business days you have, from the day you receive the package, is identified during which time you must notify us of your intention to make the return. Attempts to make a return after the stated time period will be refused.

Do not ship return merchandise without first obtaining a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). To request an RMA for a return, log-in to your account at Select the specific order from which the return will be made and follow the instructions. You will be asked to provide a reason for return. An E-mail confirming that you have made a return request with a unique number on it will be automatically sent to you. Within 2-3 business days, you will receive a second E-mail from us, letting you know if the return request has been approved, and if so, provide specific instructions for shipping product back to us.

An item that is not eligible for return will be labeled as FINAL SALE in the right hand column on the product detail page, as well as on the invoice. Generally, those Items that are FINAL SALE include those purchased at sale prices, all custom or special order products, and specific items chosen by us. Items held by you for longer than the specified number of days for return, are also ineligible, as are items from which tags have been removed.

You are responsible for paying the shipping charge when returning an item that has been received in good condition. Please include all original packing materials, tags, story cards with the items.

Your items will be inspected when received, to determine if the product is in its original condition, with all accessories (if any) included and intact. Items that are not in their original condition, including those from which tags have been removed, are not eligible for return and will be sent back to you. Once good condition is verified your credit card or PayPal account will be refunded with the full amount of the item, and any sales tax, less the original shipping charge.

We will pay for your shipping cost in both directions for any damaged or incorrect item. If an item arrives in damaged condition, please notify us within 48 hours of receipt by going to the ORDER section of MY ACCOUNT for instructions on obtaining a RETURN MERCHANDISE AUTHORIZATION (RMA). If your return is eligible for free return shipping, this option will be presented to you, and we will send you an E-mail within 2-3 business days providing specific instructions for return shipping using either USPS or FedEx (this depends upon the value and size of the shipment). In either case you may drop off the item to your local post office or FedEx drop-off location.

Please follow this same process if the item sent, is not the same as the one listed on your invoice, or if you believe that your product qualifies for our 90-day HANDMADE PRODUCT WARRANTY (see below for details).

Whenever possible, replacement product will be sent to you as soon as the original product has been received by us. Should the item you wish to purchase no longer be available, you will be issued a credit card or PayPal refund reflecting for the amount of the purchase price including original shipping charges.

Please refer to the section below.

V. Custom Orders
Any request for change to an existing design will be subject to the approval of Barbara Bacigalupi or her designee, and will cause an up-charge over the regular product price. To make a request, please e-mail us at

Unique designs may also be requested, provided that a $250 minimum is charged. For each item the general parameters of color, size, symbolism/subject matter, materials, and approximate budget must be stated in the request. Design fees will be charged for such projects. We reserve the right to refuse any request which does not meet Barbara Bacigalupi’s design standards and/or aesthetics, or which do not contain appropriate information in the project request, or for which our requests for additional information have not been responded to promptly. A budget will be established for your approval. Once approved, a 50% non-refundable deposit must be made for any work to commence. The remainder is charged at the time of shipment. No returns, exchanges or credits will be given for custom and special order projects.

Swatches of fabrics may be purchased for $5 each plus applicable shipping , and may not be returned for store credit.

Designers and stores must complete an application for credentials at UMANO including proof of tax exempt status. E-mail us to request a credentials application.

VI. Handmade Product Warranty
All handcrafted product, including strung and sewn product purchased from UMANO, is warranted for ninety (90) days from the date of purchase. Our warranty covers each item of handmade product for defects in manufacturing only (based upon UMANO’s inspection and sole determination) and expressly excludes coverage for excessive wear and tear and/or physical/accidental abuse, loss/theft. Our warranty is valid only at UMANO. Improper repair or warranty services performed by someone other than UMANO will void this warranty.

It is left to the discretion of UMANO, whether to repair or replace the specific item covered by warranty. You assume full financial responsibility for any damage to product.


For additional information on how to obtain warranty service, please E-mail us at

VII. Repair/Re-stringing Services

UMANO offers full-service repairs for its product lines.
Before you ship, please download this form and complete to tell us about the product you are sending in for repair.

Package product with care, include all parts, completed form and send to:
Joyce Li
Production Department, UMANO
601 Airport Blvd, Suite B
South San Francisco, CA 94080

If for some reason you are unable to download the REPAIR FORM please include the following:
Your name
Item for Repair
Description of the problem
Your return address
Your phone and E-mail

Tell us if you wish to be notified with an estimate of repair costs before the repair is undertaken.
Payment by credit card: Include number, expiration date and security code.

Should a part or component of the broken item no longer be in our stock, we will do our best to make the closest possible substitution. You will be notified of any significant price differential from that in affect at the time of your original purchase due to component price changes. Please be aware that the changing value of precious metals does affect repair costs.

VIII. e-Gift Cards
Gift Cards may be purchased in the store in the specified amounts listed in the shopping cart, starting at $50.00. Gift Cards are non-refundable once the card is submitted for payment, at the time of checkout. An E-mail announcing your gift to the recipient is sent as soon as your transaction is complete. You will also receive an E-mail confirming your purchase. All charges for any processing and handling charges are included in the price of the Gift Card.

Purchased Gift Cards can only be redeemed at A space is provided in the check out process for entering the Gift Card number. Like all purchases, applicable sales tax, if any, and appropriate shipping charges will be added to the selected gift to determine the final price of the item. Any residual amount remaining on a Gift Card can be verified by going to the Gift Card Balance Section of the My Account page. The number of any Gift Card that has a balance will remain active until its' value has been fully redeemed. The value of purchased Gift Cards does not expire. Promotional Gift Cards may carry expiration dates, according to the terms of the specific Promotion Program. Take care, if you have both Promotional and Purchased Gift Cards, to apply any Gift Card with an expiration date first.

Information about a Gift Card's value can only be accessed using the original Gift Card number. Please keep the numbers of Gift Cards handy as if your number is lost, it may take up to 72 hours for UMANO to find and verify a missing number and so delay your purchase.

Gift Cards have no cash value and are not redeemable for cash, nor can they be sold, bartered or exchanged or pooled. Further, they are not transferrable to any other person or account and have no use or value outside of Gift Card purchases do not accrue Rewards Points. Similarly, when Gift Cards are applied to a particular purchase that portion paid by the Gift Card is ineligible for Bonus Rewards Points.

IX. Gifts with Purchase
We may from time to time offer a gift with purchase promotion. In such cases, a limited number of our members may purchase specified products at the website and/or reach a specific amount in a single purchase/transaction, excluding any tax and shipping charges, the advertised gift will be included without additional charge. The quantity of gifts is limited by UMANO, and each gift with purchase is limited to one per member. The advertised value of the gift is subject to change at any time at UMANO’s sole discretion. Due to the limited quantity of each gift with purchase, UMANO does not guarantee that the gift will still be available when members make their purchase. Furthermore, UMANO is not obligated to offer any gifts with purchase on it’s website and may discontinue this promotion at any time. Gifts will be added automatically during the shopping cart check-out process.

From time to time, when we offer the Referral Program, successful referrals will earn you and the person you refer Promotional Gift Cards which can be used for future purchases. Referral Program participation will require you to submit personal information about you and your friends, such as name and email address. You are referred to UMANO’s Privacy Policy for specific details of how all personal information is handled. By participating in our Referral Program, you agree to receive communications about the Program from UMANO directly or through our partners that operate and maintain the Program, and you also agree to UMANO’s Term of Use.

You may refer as many friends as you wish, provided that you personally know every person.
Tip: If your friend receives multiple invitations from you and others, you will be deemed the referring friend and receive the Promotional Gift Card only if your friend uses the specific link you sent for Program registration. This applies regardless of which link was sent first to your friend.
Ineligible uses: This means that attempts to use spam, E-mails to persons you do not know, Usenet or message boards, or other venues will lead to termination of your account. Further, the Program is limited to one referral per person referred. Multiple mailboxes, accounts or names for the same person will be rejected. Such attempts will result in termination of both you and your friend’s accounts as well as forfeiture of you and your friend’s Gift Gards. Finally, you may not use your own personal marketing or advertising campaign in order to recruit referrals.

Every friend you refer to the Program, who in turn becomes a member by completing the store registration at, will receive a Promotional Gift Card.
Ineligible uses: Only NEW members may receive Gift Cards. Existing or former members of will automatically be disqualified.
Tip: Make sure that your friend uses the link provided in your E-mail invite to register as a member, for this is the only way for both you and your friend to earn credits. will have no liability to you for your friend’s failure to follow the Program’s directions.

You will earn a Promotional Gift Card for each referred friend who makes a purchase within 90 days of joining through your personal invitation link.
Tip: Gift Cards will typically be issued approximately one business day after your friend’s order has shipped, although we cannot guarantee this delivery time.

Each Promotional Gift Card you earn will be valid for 90 days from the date of issuance.
Tip: You can track your Promotional Gift Cards by going to MY ACCOUNT in the store and clicking on Gift Cards. Promotional Gift Card are clearly distinguished from any Purchased Gift Cards you may have received.

Promotional Gift Cards can only be used at for purchases of any amount (excluding shipping, sales tax or any other applicable transaction costs). Gift Cards, sale merchandise, and other specified items we chose to elect may not be purchased with Promotional Gift Cards. If you have both Promotional and Purchased Gift cards in your account we will use them in the order of first expiration date. Promotional Gift Cards have no cash value and are not redeemable for cash, nor can they be sold, bartered or exchanged or pooled. Further, they are not transferrable to any other person or account and have no use or value outside of

UMANO reserves the right to terminate, modify or change any of the Referral Program’s terms at its sole discretion, at any time and without advance notice to you or your friends. The Referral Program is void where prohibited by law. Changes to terms will be posted to this section, and it is your responsibility to check for changes that may affect you. Should program termination occur, you will be notified and have 30 days following this notification before Promotional Gift Cards expire.

XI. Bonus Points
Every item has a specified number of Bonus Points listed on the Product Detail Page. For every purchase made you will collect the specified bonus points into your account. Soon a program will be announced which will allow you to use points to access special privileges, merchandise, offers and give-aways. You may view the total number of bonus point you have accumulated to date in the MY ACCOUNT section of the website store.