Design Ideas for UMANO beads magazine cover
Now you can personalize and humanize your home just like a design pro
A close-up of the TRULYHUMANmedallion
Collection on the buffet shows how different sizes
displayed on different objects, whether porcelain
temple jars, crystal candleholders, or metal
floor candelabras, combine for a most distinctive
and sophisticated presentation.
RIGHT: Custom bedding from the Chateau Collection
features salmon color silk banding on heather
silk and velvet. The custom TRULYHUMANmedallion for
the Circle of Love embellishes the bed pillow,
while Medallions for Abundance cascade over
the table lamps and for Sterling Longevity anchor the
silk covered picture cords. Japanese wood block prints
are framed in Western style to reinforce the overall
Traditional design of the room.
image of bedroom
ABOVE: An Architectural Size TRULYHUMANmedallion
for Personal Growth and Bliss cascades over the wooden
plaque. The crystal glistens while the other natural
minerals and tassels beg to be touched. This textural
appeal is an essential part of medallion design and
why we avoid shadow boxed presentations.
Send in photos and stories of how you design with UMANO beads
When designing I purposefully keep in mind the fact that I am only starting a creative process that you will ultimately take on and finish according to your own personal design preferences.
TRULYHUMANdesign is a rich, eclectic fusion of traditional and even comtemporary Western
elements with the luxurious and often times ornate art objects of Asia.
Right: This formal dining room is
all about creating elegant opulence.
The Japanese brush stroke screen is
Rimpa School, featuring royal
Chrysanthemums (kiku) on gold.
An antique temple arch hangs over
a pair of Wall Scrolls featuring
vintage Japanese Maru Obi tapestry.
A Japanese Mazuya or kitchen
chest (right) serves to anchor
the space and provide ample
China and crystal storage.
image of formal dining room
image of sofa
image of sofa
ABOVE: Textural composition is at the very heart of TRULYHUMANdesign.
The silk of the vintage Japanese Maru Obi (wall hanging and decorative
pillows) contrasts with the rough wood of the Japanese Hibachi and wall plaque.
The reflective surfaces of the bronze and horse hibachi on pedestal, echo the
gold foiled surface of the antique Japanese screen. The screen's use of
curving lines - a flowing stream - provides the room's focal point. Agate and
labradorite mineral specimens on the coffee table direct our thoughts to nature,
as nature is the inspirational source for the entire room.