Five Steps to Success
With the help of your DRAGONmedallions, you can train yourself to use the Dragon's image as your constant reminder to focus energy so that you can achieve the life of your dreams. When you do, you will find that with each passing day you can celebrate your small successes, learn from the missteps and concentrate your energy on doing what matters most to achieve your future and better self.
Your goal might be one of the most popular, like losing weight, getting regular exercise, giving up smoking, searching for a new love, advancing your career, or finding a new home. Or you may have a goal that is very unique to your life. Make sure you only adopt one goal at a time and write out the goal on paper.
Phoenix (left) and Dragon (right)
3. SEE THE DRAGON See Your Future

Just as the Dragon is always at his best, you need to hold in your mind's eye an image of you at your future best. See how you will, look, feel, act, who you will be with, what you will be enjoying, where you will be when you achieve your goal. This step is critical if you are to succeed. For if you can't envision how much better your future life will be, you're never going to believe in what you are doing, and so you simply won't do it. Get the vision in your mind of how better you can be, and see this vision whenever you see your DRAGONmedallions.


Make a mental association between your personal goal and the image of the dragon in your DRAGONmedallions, so that when you see the Dragon you will remember your goal. After all, attaching your goal to a dragon is much more fun than tying a string round your finger or covering the refrigerator with sticky notes. That's because the lore of the Chinese Dragon can allow you to take your association to a much deeper level. The Dragon was considered the most powerful source for energy, so powerful it could bring rains during a drought to water fields for crops, or protect a family and their home from the destructive flames of fire. Keep your attitude toward your goal constructive and positive.

If you can imagine in your mind's eye, that your energy is one with the Dragon's energy, then you will tap into your ability to focus your energy on constructive change. Now you have eliminated "out of sight, out of mind" as a reason for forgetting the importance of daily attention to your goal.

Before the hectic pace of the day begins, spend a few moments with your DRAGONmedallion. Consider all the activities that might fill this day. Ask yourself just how important each of these is if you are to realize your desired result. Let go of the unnecessary. Select one thing you will do this day that will bring you one step closer to turning your goal into reality. Breaking a goal into a series of small steps is the best way to succeed.

Re-visit your DRAGONmedallion for a few moments. Review your day to evaluate if you successfully accomplished the steps you identified earlier that day. Even if you fell short of your expectation, take time to figure out what went wrong and what you can do better tomorrow to reach your goal. No matter how your day worked out, before going to bed search to find at least one good thing that you achieved during the day. Restful sleep, which is essential for stress reduction and renewal, comes more easily when your day draws to a close with a sense of fulfillment, no matter how small the accomplishment.

Act like a Dragon

Now carry through on what you have planned. Keep in mind that the Dragon is the Emperor and you need to be the Emperor of your own life. It's a good idea to enlist the support of the people around you. But even if they try to deter you, no matter what happens, stay in command of your day as the Emperor is the ultimate and final decision-maker.

Dance like a Dragon

The Dragon is full of joy, playfulness and energy. The dragon is positive, even a bit boisterous. When dancing it rears up and lunges forward as its eyes light up and its eyelashes vamp. If you can maintain a positive up-beat attitude like the dragon, you will more likely hold onto your decisions and cheerfully carry them out. Celebrate all the small steps you take toward your goal by letting your heart dance and then, jump for joy when you attain your goal. There really is nothing sweeter to relish and enjoy than the good feeling of success. Be sure to have a real reward waiting for you at the end of the journey.
Throughout your day:

Think like a Dragon

The Dragon is day and light, and you need to be in charge of your day. As the day unfolds and the unexpected happens, think through the likely consequences for your goal and make a conscious decision to uphold the commitment you have already made to yourself. Rearrange your day so that you protect the time and energy to complete the step you identified for this day.

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Think of all the great symbols that have evolved in both Western and Eastern human history. All great organizations use them in the form of logos, the world's great religions all have symbols to provoke worship and devotion, each country has a flag that inspires its citizens. Just think of what feelings and thoughts automatically come to mind whenever you see the interlocking rings of the Olympics Games. All of this is just making the most of our human capacity for making metaphors and thinking creatively.

Have fun with your Dragon in order to make light of the task ahead of you.

Designer Barbara Bacigalupi is a well-experienced strategic vision consultant
who has assisted numerous businesses and non-profit organizations in the
development of their strategies for the future. She has prepared this exercise
based on her experiences of what best catalyzes positive change.
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5. LIVE OUT YOUR DAY With Dragon Spirit
Always consult with your physician or other health professional if your goal invloves physical and/or mental health issues. - Barbara