Daily Practice
Self-directed visioning
We know the sources of stress in 21st century living
and whenever we feel stress and tension mounting
Very few of us can go sit on a beach or
stretch to the colors of sunrise
or strike a yoga pose
but we can take
umano bead image
our UMANO bead into our hands to relax
Throughout the history of humankind, people in both Eastern and Western cultures have taken beads into their hands to relax, and seek a state of mind that is full of peace, and bright with hope for the future. Today, the fingering of beads, the repetition of familiar words inside our heads, and the recalling of beauty that we have seen firsthand, is just as important for our well-being as it was for our ancestors.

The symbols of human values incorporated into TRULYHUMAN
medallions offer deeper ways to experience those values that shape our lives. All you need to do is attach your dreams for the future onto the beads and medallion, and before you know it, whenever you see your TRULYHUMANmedallion you will see your dreams. Seeing is always the way to begin achieving all that we wish for the future.
There are two significant ways in which I find that stress builds. Most of us are subject to these by virtue of our lifestyles. We simply try to do too much in any given day and we find that the way our society has constructed itself is full of activities that waste our time with often little or no result. We stand in line, sit in traffic, get put on hold, all the time our minds race with every thing that needs to be done. And now in this tech-based age we try to make things better by talking and texting on cell phones as we move through the frustrations of daily life.

While I am and always have been a real multi-tasker, I have also learned that there is a limit. When push comes to shove, there is only so much energy in our bodies to expend on a day of activities. So the only way to remove tension and stop stress from building is to reach a state of energy management in which you do more of what counts and less of the unnecessary until you have a sense of accomplishment in your days. The following exercise is a daily practice that you can associate with the dream for the future that your TRULYHUMANmedallion's sentiment emphasizes. By setting one good expectation for your day and then ending each day on one positive experience from that day will start you on the road to a healthy energy balance that will allow you to experience life as a fulfilled human being.
Make UMANO beads part of a daily practice in the morning
Before the hectic pace of the day begins, spend a few moments with your TRULYHUMANmedallion. Consider all the activities that might fill this day. Ask yourself just how important each of these is if you are to realize the life of your dreams. Let go of the unnecessary. Select one thing you will do this day that will bring you one step closer to turning your dreams into reality.

Before going to bed
Re-visit your TRULYHUMANmedallion for a few moments. Review your day to identify all that was positive, joy-filled and meaningful. Even in the face of a day filled with frustration, search until you find at least one bright moment of satisfaction. Restful sleep, which is essential for stress reduction and renewal, comes more easily when your day draws to a close with a sense of fulfillment, no matter how small the accomplishment.
This next exercise will not only allow you to release stress but also envision you as your very best self. Self-directed visioning
This is a technique that I learned years ago. I modified it to accompany UMANO beads.
Relax and renew by following these simple steps
Be gentle and patient with yourself as you begin, as it takes time to acquire this skill.
Find a comfortable place
Sit or lie comfortably with your back well supported. Loosen any clothing that would interfere with your ability to breathe freely. If there is noise or distraction, simply acknowledge it and turn your thoughts inward. Take your TRULYHUMANmedallion into your hands.
Begin with cleansing breaths
By taking deep breaths you can release carbon dioxide and allow more oxygen to reach to every cell in your body. Fill your lungs completely with air by first allowing your belly to rise, followed by the expansion of your chest. Finally, let your breath lift your shoulders. Pause. After a few seconds, release the air in the reverse order. Let your shoulders return first to their resting position, followed by the collapse of your chest, and finally the flattening of your belly. Complete three to four of these deep breaths, then wait patiently.
Your body will breathe for you
When you need air, your body will take in just the right amount. This is the experience of abdominal breathing during which your body takes care of itself by lowering blood pressure and reducing your heart rate. During this entire exercise, your body will quietly renew and restore itself.
Now that you are on your way
to a state of relaxation

Purposefully turn your thoughts to your TRULYHUMANmedallion. Feel the coolness of the natural minerals. Allow the colors to affect you. Remember the message of the central medallion’s symbolism.
Close your eyes
Try to “see” your TRULYHUMANmedallion in the darkness of your mind’s eye. Recall how the beads feel, envision their shapes, colors and textures. Slowly guide your mind away from the beads to what they symbolize. Your hands will most likely let go of the beads and fall into a comfortable position as you become more and more relaxed. Allow your mind the opportunity to create an image of your future best self based on this sentiment. Envision where you are, who you are with and what you are doing. Experience the feeling and enjoy.
Let this experience expand
Try to stay in this state for several minutes. In the beginning it may seem somewhat different and difficult to maintain. But with practice, you will find this state of relaxation so comfortable that you lose track of time. Soon you will find that you want to stay with your vision for up to thirty minutes.
When you want to
return to your
normal activities

Simply turn your thoughts back to your physical surroundings. Become aware of sounds and your desire to return to your regular activities. Slowly open your eyes, and bring the world around you back into focus. Breathe deeply again, stretching, and then standing up, ready to go about the rest of your day.
In Barbara's book, Truly Human, she demonstrates self-directed visioning using the architecture of sea shells to conceptualize principles of human growth.
In Barbara's book, Truly Human, she demonstrates self-directed visioning using the architecture of sea shells to conceptualize principles of human growth. Click here to learn about the book.
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