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The story behind JEWELRY-to-Treasure
image of Barbara Bacigalupi
by Barbara Bacigalupi author of Truly Human, an invitation to think in new and powerful ways

As women, we most often come to treasure certain pieces of jewelry because they are specifically related to important milestones in our lives, from graduation gifts by cherished family members to an engagement ring; from the birth of a baby to a significant birthday or anniversary. Our jewelry becomes an important part of our personal history, one that we want to treasure and pass on to new generations. By combining timeless designs with real gemstones and quality workmanship, I believe I that I can increase the likelihood that you will perceive your jewelry as authentic heirloom to be treasured for many, many years to come.

This is what I keep in mind as I design for you and your daughters and granddaughters.

Teaching future generations about gemstones and their qualities is all part of the essential learning process that brings each member of the next generation to a more full appreciation of culture and the universe, as well as our unique and individual role in this dynamic evolutionary process. As a foundation for this understanding, we all need to recognize that the first making and wearing of jewelry became a defining moment in the history of humankind.

This is because jewelry was a hallmark step in the evolution of Cro-Magnuns. Like the decoration of their primitive dwellings with pictographs, jewelry served to further separate them from their rival pre-hominids, the nomadic Neanderthals, who were soon to become extinct. In retrospect, it now all seems quite logical that those of our ancestors who settled down, built places to live and cared enough about themselves and their environments to decorate and celebrate beauty, would be most successful.

All of this cultural history goes back so long ago that it’s difficult to imagine that the first necklaces came into being about 75,000 years ago when bits of shells and other found objects were strung onto fibers. The decorative arts have clearly become inherent to human consciousness and offer a significant way for us to communicate how we feel about ourselves, and how each of us wishes to be perceived by others.

I don’t know if the women of bygone eras felt the same wonderful feeling that I experience every time I clasp a treasured strand of beads around my neck. But I do know that it is an experience that I relish. I hope that you too know this same feeling and view it as a most essential part of your humanity. It’s as though, through jewelry, we can express our feelings and allow our intangible spirit to be made tangible for all those we encounter to understand.

Viewed as an expression of personal self-confidence, jewelry is a powerful tool by which we can purposefully embody our essence. That it makes us feel good, complete and happy, is reason enough to laud the role of jewelry dressing in society. But because it can be the messenger of our personal spirit to others, representing the standards of quality, color, and design we hold dear, it is a most unique and enjoyable means for us to make our self-definition understandable.

To wear jewelry is to exercise our humanity.

For me, jewelry design is influenced by more the than the aesthetics of color and form. Instead, at the heart of my design philosophy is my desire to apply what I learned when educated as a biologist, and echo the universe and its natural rhythms as message-bearers for us to springboard our focus from gemstones to our own humanity.

This means that jewelry is not a sign of ego or pretense, but rather a tool for the awareness or heightened consciousness we can use to create a btter way to live for ourselves and others. By bringing nature’s bounty directly into our lives in such a personal way, we are more likely to center on our own humanity. And this is why I only work with natural minerals and precious metals. This effect can only be achieved by real materials that draw out our authetic humanity.

The wearing of jewelry should be a part of daily ritual, providing a few moments to reflect on who we are and what we are about to do that day, so that all of our lives become acts of creation inspired by mindful refection.

Favorite pieces of jewelry can be used in mindful meditation practices amd guided visualization.
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