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Finding out how to make every day count as a purposeful contribution to the whole of your life, and to the achievement of your authentic potential as an uniquely gifted and talented individual, is the goal of Truly Human. For being truly human is a way of living so that each and every day brings you closer to the self you have always dreamed of becoming, that you know is yours and yours alone to discover.

TRULY HUMAN begins with a portrait of modern life in which our love of productivity compels us to cram every possible moment of time with as much doing as possible. Deliberately intended to make the reader experience frustration, this viewpoint is constructed to help the reader evaluate just how much they are affected by the mind numbing paralysis that results from time-cramming. Truly Human makes a case for change away from a life lived without much feeling or thinking, to one that is centered on our vast human capacity for heightened consciousness.

Life change only becomes attractive when the benefits of the future outweigh all the costs associated with change. In this part of Truly Human, the COST/BENEFIT dynamics for assessing RISK are portrayed so that the COST of change is always seen in the context of the COST of missing out on opportunities. Readers can evaluate their life situation compared to the benefits of a truly human way of life.

To live the truly human way of life, is to live guided by a vision of your best future self in which your capabilities are brought to full potential. But to form this vision requires the use of those thinking techniques that generate ideas, create metaphors, expand thinking in multiple directions, and conceptualize the big picture. In other words, the type of thinking that leads to heightened consciousness is the opposite of the straight line, structured, check-list mentality that predominates in a time-crammed society.

Truly Human takes the position that each and every one of us is uniquely prepared by virtue of being human, to engage in the necessary conceptual thinking that vision requires. It’s just that we don’t often “see” it used, so we aren’t all that used to tapping into our capabilities. Barbara demonstrates for the reader such a conceptual thinking journey using the architecture of sea shells as stimulus for thinking about how to be more successful in life. Her thinking journey leads to the formation of Eight Principles that she uses to guide her own personal decision-making about life change.
This philosophy is the natural culmination of Barbara's experience as a consultant to professionals, businesses, and non-profit organizations, interpreted through the perspective of having completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees in the biological science at the University of California, Berkeley.
Your purposefulcontribution to the world will always be uniquely yours, and your life experience will like no one else's.
Truly Human proposes Eight Principles of Growth
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These principles are the result of Barbara’s conceptual journey with shells. Some may be quite obvious to you - sort of things we all know we should be doing, while others less so. The real challenge lies in your ability to take on all of these principles at once, in the context of conceptual thinking, in order to envision the whole of your life. For when we place ourselves in the context of the whole – we can find peace and joy in each individual day. Life becomes simpler, what we really need to do becomes evident as the unnecessary fades away from having a role in our day. Each day now has a bright moment in which we move closer to our truly human selves by living the truly human way of life.
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Truly Human transformed into music
Music with a Message

A 24-page instructional booklet adds value to this timeless CD.

“There is no equal to the powerful way in which music can bring a message to life. That is why I wanted to summarize the essence of my book Truly Human in a musical journey. I have specifically chosen and sequenced each song so there is a deliberate movement of thought and feeling from beginning, right through to the very end."

“You can enjoy this CD as you would any other. Or, if you desire, Truly Human can be used as a tool for expanding your vision of your future self. I have specially written interpretations for each song in the expansive 24-page liner booklet to aid you in reaching a deeper level of experience that goes well beyond good entertainment. Each message coordinates to the overall message presented in Truly Human, the book - and so can be an easy and convenient way for you to enjoy the hope and joy it can bring to each and every day of your life.”
- Barbara

A New Life - From Jeckyl & Hyde - A dynamic, and very personal wish for finding a better life

Take a Look Around - An original composition for this collection summarizing the challenging commitment life change requires

Dream - By Patti Cathcart Andress of Tuck and Patti, this song proclaims VISION as the fundamental element of change

Something’s Coming - From West Side Story - A voice floating over 10 percussion instruments senses that change if just around the corner

Truly Human - This original composition by Johnathan Dax serves as the anthem of the Truly Human Way of Life

Music of the Night - From Phantom of the Opera – Sung for the first time as an intimate lullaby, SEEING in the NIGHT shows us the way to creative change

Dreamscape - By Oscar award-winning Stephen Schwartz, helps us to envision our life as a journey along a river

This is the Moment
- From Jeckyl & Hyde - This embodies the complete confidence that comes from making a major decision

A Human Heart - From Once upon this Island - A rousing call to be part of the human community

Seasons of Love - From Rent - So familiar, yet so profound in its acclamation of LOVE as the essence of LIFE

All this, set in a framework of unique adult contemporary and light jazz arrangements, and featuring vocals by two of Broadway Musical Theater’s brightest stars Brian Lane Green and Christopher Carl.